About us

About us

Our link with the Penedès begins in the 1950s when Avi Pere, a mason by profession ("Master builder" as he called it) bought a piece of land in the Penedès. I had no intention of making wine, but of having a space with my family and working the land on weekends to obtain its fruits (tomatoes, potatoes, beans!...). We named this property "La Vinya".

Over time one is aware that La Vinya was the channel for the family to meet and stay united around an activity. It was the vehicle to be in the countryside as a family. Mr. ROC was born in 2011 when Ingrid and Isaac, having a glass of wine in the Penedès, said: "Why don't we create a wine for our family and friends? If everyone around does it, it won't be so difficult! " The naivety of those 20-year-olds quickly saw that it was not so easy.

"Avi Pere" working

They planted 120 vines in their first "Experiment" (as Isaac's mother Aurora called it).

The varieties were Xarel·lo, Macabeu and Chardonnay in a small area of ​​Sant Martí

Sarroca (hence the name Mr.ROC) where they could check the complexity of the field and of make good wine.

Years later in 2015, and after training in Enology, they met Enric, a farmer by profession who taught them how to make a good cava. After 2 years of making the first batch, they named their first cava Menestral.

Our mission is to keep the spirit of Avi Pere alive and Mr.ROC is our vehicle to maintain the bond with our land and family and friends, never forgetting our roots.

We are kept alive and excited by the fact that the Mr.ROC family is getting bigger every day and this will be our legacy for our sons and daughters. Do you want to be part of the Mr.ROC community?